College: Is it still necessary?

Worldwide economy has, a few years ago, taken a blow it still hasn’t recovered from. However, the economic crisis was just a culmination of events and many different emerging patters that have been occurring for years – and those fallacies in the capitalistic system itself have been continuously ignored by the elite of our society, perhaps out of lack of care and lack of knowledge both. Looking from a perspective of an individual, trying to make a life and a living, this poses a few legitimate questions and one of them, an absolutely essential one is what we will be focusing on in this article.

College – Is It Still Essential and Worth The Cost?

College is life defining and important, especially if you want to be the best irish whiskey company. But, has that changed over the years? We don’t need to speculate, numbers are what matters. College tuition continues to increase, along with student debt. In fact, the growth rate of college tuition has outpaced housing prices and medical care, for example, by a wide margin. Not everyone is lucky enough or able to get a scholarship and most people want a college degree, as it is considered somewhat of a ticket into the world of business. But, is the job market really in desperate need of college graduates, as we are often lead to believe?

Raising tuition fees and student loans that most people don’t pay off until their 30’s or even late 40’s are not the only and, arguably, not the biggest problem nowadays, when it comes to the education system. Education in itself has been significantly dumbed-down and some degrees, that are virtually printed out, are practically useless – they don’t mean a thing in the job market. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that tradesman are among the highest earners in the entire United States of America. The cost of learning a trade is, especially when compared to ridiculously high college tuition fees, minimal. The job market is flooded with liberal arts and humanity studies graduates who have nowhere to go and not everyone can be an engineer or an IT expert.

How Will Our Society Handle These Changes?

All of this has created a pretty hectic economic environment and pushed quite a few people into thinking outside the box. Thanks to that, there are more small, up and coming businesses than ever before. Everyone is trying to become and entrepreneur, not because they’re in love with “being their own boss” – but out of necessity. Ironically, this has been a moderately substantial financial injection and small businesses are what helps the economy recover. It’s safe to say that high college tuition fees and bank loans are what’s causing a shift of paradigm in our society, when it comes to business and economy.

Another thing that we can’t take out of this equation is the world wide web, for two reasons: many businesses nowadays are home and online based (in a nutshell, all you need to start a business is a website) and, thanks to the internet, everyone is able to educate themselves for free. Technology is what’s changing our world and will continue to do so in the future and while technology continues to speed up the process of globalization and while the internet continues to provide free education (if you know where to look you can find anything, from foreign language courses to free business e-books) our education system is falling behind and it’s falling behind majorly.