How to Save While Living Like a King

Living life king size is an expression we often come across. People like you and me can’t help but take a detour from our exhaustive work schedule which fetches us peanuts and enter a world of day-dreams about a grand lifestyle. From fancy clothes to luxurious cars and from dining at fancy restaurants to travelling in style – A life like a king can be pretty fascinating and sounds like a distant dream to many. Living a life of such extravagance might be out of the context immediately for most of us, but there are simple ways which are more like life hacks which can give you similar fancy lifestyle but for little or no money. Although the notion seems impossible, with cautious handling of finances, and keeping an eagle-eye out to grab best deals, offers and discounts can easily ensure a lot of luxurious amenities within a small budget more suited to your income. Let’s briefly discuss how.

Stylish Attire

Fancy designer clothes are one of a kind and aptly compliment people with a lavish lifestyle. While affording designer range of clothing is out of bounds for most common men, there are quite a few provisions where you can buy similar branded clothes for a cheap price which would have otherwise cost ten folds. A lot of membership shopping websites and other sites like Overstock offer impressive discounts on selected range of clothing apparel time to time. Moreover thrift stores also often have stocks which are fancy and expensive but are available at the stores for a much cheaper price. The key here is to know where and when to look.

Fancy Dining

Today, the popularity of various coupon sites and websites offering alluring deals are increasing by leaps and bounds. What comes as a marketing and advertising policy might churn out to be an evening of fancy luxurious dining experience for you without having to shell out a lot of money. Moreover a part-time profession like mystery shopper also entitles you to dine at posh restaurants and shop at fancy stores in exchange of your reviews and audit of the same. Needless to say, such deals and offers are extremely beneficial if you want to eat out like a king but don’t have the necessary budget to always.

Travelling in class

Not being able to afford one of the top-notch sports cars or supercars does not necessarily mean you can’t enjoy the thrill and experience of the same. Even though you might own a very average class vehicle, the options for renting out luxurious cars and even exotic cars are quite popular. You can easily afford to rent out your dream car for a day of outing or during a vacation to undergo that once in a lifetime experience where you travel like a king. Also keeping an eye out for promotional travel offers can help you cut down your travelling expenses to a great extent.

Location Location Location

Where you live can have a big impact on the quality of life you can afford! If you live in an affluent area, the smallest, most run-down house on your block may cost you more than the nicest house in a less-high-status part of town. No, you don’t need to move to the ghetto; a neighborhood with older homes might do the trick. Consider school district — If you don’t happen to be a parent, you can live in a decent area just outside of the higher-rent suburban school districts, and save a great deal. If you DO have kids, look at ratings, not just reputation –you can often choose a better-rated school district (or just as good) as those who just want to make sure their kids are in ___ district because that’s where the Jones’ kids go (and your kids’ friends will be less of a challenge to keep up with as well!) When thinking about saving money, by all means shop around for the best orthodontist columbus ohio, but don’t rule them out, or worse, stay put to save on moving expenses. If you save $100 a month on rent, and it costs $600 to hire movers, you’re still going to save $600 your first year in the new place. So be sure to give careful consideration to your location and be clear on your priorities regarding your living situation.

The key to living life king size on a restricted budget is to maintain a systematic planning and savings, while keeping your eyes open to the unending possibilities of making the best out of situations. Cut down unnecessary expenses and find means to best utilize your available resources and finances.

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