Ways to Earn Money on the Side

Nearly everyone dreams of earning extra money to supplement their income but there is a big gap between action and dreams that most people never cross because they have no idea which side hustle to undertake.

One of the best way to earn extra money on the side is by freelancing the skills that you have already developed, they can even be those that that you use in the full time job. However you should ensure that you do not compete with your employer and check the contract to be sure that you did not sign a non-compete agreement. Depending on your skills, a freelance job does not require a lot of upfront capital but you can earn a lot. Below are a variety of skills that you can use to earn extra cash.

· Do web design or graphic work

If you are a fan of color and you always know which color compliment the other best or you can create a beautiful website homepage or book cover in no time, you can earn extra cash with your skill. Advertise your skills in the different platforms especially in social media and share some of the projects you have done. Ask friends and relatives to refer you to potential clients and do not forget to offer your services in freelancing sites like Upwork.

· Develop applications and websites

If you can build a word press plugin with your hands or you just love playing with codes you can turn the skills into some extra cash. Known web developers states that they started by doing small projects like building church websites to make extra cash but it resulted to being their full time job and making much more money. Advertise your skills online and let your friends know so that they can refer clients to you.

· Be a photographer

If you have a good camera and experience in taking good photographs, you can earn money by taking photos. Whether it is capturing memories at a friend’s wedding or selling unique photos on stock photograph websites, earning extra money by being a photographer is a common hustle.

Get clients by posting your work on Flickr or by word of mouth and posting your work on social media. Making it in the wedding business is quite a challenge but you can start with word of mouth and offering quality services at a low cost or just taking engagement photos.

· Offer Calligraphy

If you have an amazing handwriting and can be able to write in calligraphy, turn the skill into some extra cash by offering calligraphy services to friends as well as offering the service online. To be an expert in calligraphy, you should invest in quality tools and practice constantly, also you can consider taking a course to hone your skill. Look for clients by posting your work on the different social media platforms like Instagram, twitter and Facebook and telling your friends for referrals.

· Start a blog

Though it takes time to build a following, starting a blog is a great way to earn extra cash. Once you get a following, you can make money in different ways.

In order to succeed in blogging:

· Write great content

· Get the content to readers all over the world

· Build an email list so that you can market yourself to the people

Blogging, requires a lot diligence and hard work but it is well rewarding.

Another option that a friend of mine has had success with, is that he purchases cars at auction for cash, fixes them up or cleans them or even pays to have repairs done, and then turns around and sells them for two to three times what he has invested in them. Not only has he made money this way, but he and his wife have upgraded their used vehicles using this method, with no payments, and plenty of cash left over. Check the laws in your state, but usually this is perfectly legal.

All the above ways require hard work and a lot of planning in order to be successful but you will certainly make that extra cash that you have been yearning to make.


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